Inspirational Teaching Books

Teaching is a rewarding career but it can be incredibly demanding. If they’re struggling with burnout, juggling their personal lives or grappling with a student’s behaviour it’s easy for teachers to feel overwhelmed and stressed. This is why it’s important for educators to keep up their motivation levels, so that they can continue make an impact in the classroom.

There’s a wealth of inspiring books for teachers which combine enthusiasm, as well as new perspectives and methods. These books, ranging from Parker Palmer’s study of the foundations of education to Lisa Delpit’s study of cultural competence, will assist educators in unlocking their students’ potential.

This gorgeous picture book is a wonderful option for teachers looking to inspire their students. It demonstrates how difficult times can be, but also how an ounce of optimism and determination can help turn things around. It’s a positive message that can be embraced by any child. It will inspire children to never give up on their goals regardless of what.

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